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Cleanup by splitting the atmel.lib library



I would like to split the atmel.lib into several smaller libraries. This would be a similar division to the families which already exists in the Microchip MCU libraries.

My proposals are as follows:
- atmel_avrlegacymcu.lib - where the symbols of Classic AVR family have been moved - atmel_avrtinymcu.lib - where the symbols of AVR Tiny family have been moved - atmel_avrmegamcu.lib - where the symbols of AVR Mega family have been moved - atmel_51mcu.lib - where the symbols of Atmel’s MCS-51 family have been moved - atmel_avrxmegamcu.lib - where the symbols of AVR Xmega family have been moved

Later this same method can be used to create specific libraries for other processors families, like: SAM3, SAM4, SAMD20 (new Atmel’s Cortex M0+ devices), UC32 or many other non-MCU devices: memories, touch sensors, RF, etc.

After the library split, atmel.lib could be removed to avoid duplicates. However, backward compatibility problems may face in the way in the existing users projects. (I can already see the tons of messages “Where is my library?” on the user mailing list.)

Since this is a big change and may have some sort of influences, first I would like to know the opinion of developers and eventual acceptance/permission of those changes. Including the removal of atmel.lib.

Kerusey Karyu

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