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Re: Experiments and considerations for more layer



While your thinking about additional layers, consider the other
layers discussed here:



	dielectric layers
	resistance layers
	plating layers
	hole filling layers
	keep-out layers
	via plugging layers
	contacts layers
	peelable mask layers
	finish layers
	heat sink layers
	coating layers
	probe layers
	fixture layers

that's another 26 (or more) layers.  Still think 64 will be

Check section 2.6 (Layers) on page 13 for definitions of these

BTW, long long is part of the C standard and excluded from the C++
standard.  Good luck with Windows (it doesn't support it in C++).

The best approach is to make the layer a full class and only use
accessor functions, or overload the bitwise logical and arithmetic
operators.  I did that, but nobody was interested at the time.


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