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Re: Are the python BOMmers case sensitive?


On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 09:00:22AM -0500, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Usually an xml parser gets a hint from the xml header, which can state
> utf8, if the file is encoded as such.
> I don't remember if our xml netlist has such a header....

The netlist is tagged as utf-8 (xmllint does work fine on it, but I'm
not an XML expert). From the message and location of the error it seems
that it happens on the output side. Googling found this:


    Now, the csv module doesn't support unicode, so when you call
    writerow() with unicode data this will raise UnicodeEncodeError. You
    need to encode your unicode strings into a suitable encoding (UTF8
    would be best) and then pass that to writerow(),

so something like c.getRef().encode('utf8') and so one probably would do
the trick. BTW I'm perfectly fine with the xslt generators, so I'll try
this and only if it work at the first try I'll do a patch for it.

The case issue is another one (by the way... in the XML file all the
cases were correct, why the bommer upcased it?)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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