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Re: CvPCB - Error


On 04.03.2014 07:59, José Eduardo S. C. Xavier wrote:
> One more question what library-repos-install.sh does?

I don't remember precisely, you'd have to read it.

But in general, it swings the pendulum the extreme other way, meaning all footprint
libraries are installed locally.  And I don't think that is optimum either.

Why go all remote or all local, when you have the potential for a blend of any mix, of
being somewhere in the middle?

Somewhere in the middle might make sense, where you have some libraries coming from Github
plugin and some locally.

Especially if the Github library is part of:

1) a team project, or
2) part of your project that you are publishing as open hardware,

Accessing from Github lets you "subscribe" to changes in particular libraries that you
know are being changed frequently, or are contributing to.

It does not inform you of new libraries.  So some attention is needed in any case.

And realize that the official footprint libraries are only the tip of the iceberg.  Any
one can publish footprint libraries on github anywhere.  However a quality footprint
library that is somewhat exhaustive in its theme is probably welcomed in the official place.

Please don't assume I have anything to do with library maintenance.  I do not.

For me, I don't have need for all 78 or so footprint libraries, so having a reduced global
table makes a lot of sense, particularly if you are using the Github plugin to access
them.  You can always come and add a library back in at the project level if you need a
special one for a particular project.

Reducing the number of Github accessed libraries, helps with performance.  I'm just saying
that you do not need to reduce the count down to ZERO to see gains.

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