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Re: Config file relocation


Le 31/08/2014 10:27, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 07:56:16PM -0500, Moses McKnight wrote:

I would like to move the kicad config files in linux to a more "proper"
location as defined by the FreeDesktop specification here:

Specifically this would put the files in $HOME/.config/kicad.
Yay for not putting junk in the home :D having here the fp-lib-table is
really ugly. I don't care if it's .config/kicad or .kicad (I don't
really like many of the freedesktop standard) but having all the stuff
in one place is really better.

I'm not a developer, but I think as a regular user I can give you my view on this.

I think it could be a feature loss to change the way config is stored. I mean, IIRC, from the beginning to about one year ago, all the config options, including library selection, were stored in the project file.

It was very unusual on linux systems, and quite surprising in some way, because I think background color or grid settings or things like that should be global settings. But once you get used to it, in fact it is very convenient, at least for library management. That way you can have different library selection for each project, and it is easier to add parts and chose footprints that way, because you don't have to search between hundreds of useless ones to get the good one.

Now we have a great new system for footprints, but where the selection is globally stored in the fp-lib file. Yes you can have project-specific entries, but when choosing a module all the global ones are displayed too. And on the other hand, we still have the .pro specific library selection for symbols. Pretty confusing I think. May be library selection should get out of the .pro file and turn global like for footprints ? At least that will be more clear.

So regarding the location of the fp-lib-table file, and other config files, I think if they go global and are stored in some .kicad folder, or anywhere appropriate, there should be an option stored in project specific settings to use either the global files or some project specific ones that are stored in the project folder.

And also the editor window for fp-lib-table file is quite simple. I think at least a file selection dialog is missing. The old system still used in eeschema is quite bad, but more user-friendly. About the use of environment variables in library pathes, I pretty well understand they are convenient for programming things (why re-creating something that exists ? ) but from the user point of view it is quite difficult to get. I think there should be a way to edit them from inside Kicad. Getting users to trick their .bash_profile file (or any corresponding window or mac stuff ) to get things work correctly is on my opinion something too complicated. Electronic designers are not always computer gurus. As you can see some days ago on the user list, even opening a .rar file is considered as a "linux guru action"... May be if changing profile file content from a user app is not a good practice, kicad should launch "export" on starting to set the required variables ?

Well I see this mail may look like a long list of complaints. Be sure it is not. I think that thread was the appropriate place to make my comments, but above all, I'm pretty glad I can use such a program, even if it's not perfect in my point of view :) :)



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