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Re: PATCH: Footprint wizard helpers


Le 11/09/2014 22:32, John Beard a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have a patch (fpw-overhaul.diff) for the Python footprint wizard
> helpers. This adds a few more drawing functions, such as for circles,
> and also uses a matrix-based transform stack with greatly simplifies
> constructing footprints consisting of regularly spaced elements (e.g. in
> lines, grids, circles, or some list of points that you specify).
> This fixes #1366299. It seems FootprintWizardDrawingAids.py has an
> old-style layer define that was not patched in r4969 (see #1333268).
> I also attach a follow-up patch (fpw-tests.diff) containing a really
> basic test harness to run though a few footprints with pre-defined
> parameters, save them to a PCB board and also optionally "rip" the
> modules out to a .pretty directory. I use something like this to
> generate whole .pretties programmatically.
> This patch contains a few nasty hacks as some things don't work through
> the Python binding, so it may not be time to put it in. Though putting
> it in would at least allow Jenkins to make sure the footprint wizards
> can execute without dying. Attached for comment, nevertheless.
> Thanks,
> John

I committed you patch fpw-overhaul.diff in BZR rev 5134.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS