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Re: P&S plans for the near future


18/09/14, 19:04, Tomasz Wlostowski kirjoitti:

> If there's any particular stuff you'd like to ask for or discuss, don't
> hesitate to tell us!

Teardrop pads would be nice. I'm fine with just four point polygon ones.
The same for changing track width.

Automatic via stitching along polygon fill edges too.

> I'd also like to add support for arcs on copper layers (for efficient
> representation of miters/meanders). Contrary to the current graphical
> arc object, I'd propose to approximate them using line segments (and
> store as such approximations) so that there's no need to add full arc
> support (for plotter/DRC/etc). What do you think?

I think it would make sense to store them as real arcs and iterate
piecewise linear approximations as needed. The rendering precision
needed depends on so many variables. IIRC gEDA does real arcs on copper,
but their DRC is not comparable with KiCad.

To reiterate, the design file would contain real arcs, but the
processing, display and output would be PWL approximation (for time
being). The precision would be configurable like the current polygon
fill arc precision. This way design files contain full precision even
thoug that is not usable in current implementation.

Differential pairs with length matching would be awesome!