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Re: P&S plans for the near future


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> From: Tomasz Wlostowski <tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx>
> To: Kicad Developers <kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Friday, September 19, 2014 2:04 AM
> Subject: [Kicad-developers] P&S plans for the near future
> I'd also like to add support for arcs on copper layers (for efficient 
> representation of miters/meanders). Contrary to the current graphical 
> arc object, I'd propose to approximate them using line segments (and 
> store as such approximations) so that there's no need to add full arc 
> support (for plotter/DRC/etc). What do you think?

Hi Tom,

 For the arcs I think ideally we should use real arcs; if line segments
are used then we need to be able to specify some dimensional constraint
so that the arcs appear smooth. It's only a wishlist item though since
the DRC around arcs would be a challenge. One potential issue of using
line segments is that a design can end up with very many segments in a
single arc and these segments can be accidentally dragged or deleted.

- Cirilo

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