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P&S plans for the near future


Dear all,

We are planning to introduce some improvements to the P&S router before the first lightweight stable release of Kicad comes out. Here's are the things we'd like to get done by the end of November:

1) Length tuning tool

An automatic tool generating "accordions"/"meanders" on a chosen trace to match the given length. The first version of the tool will simply let you choose the pads and the required electrical distance between them. We may do the same for diff pairs if time permits.

2) Diff pair router

An extension to the P&S allowing to route both traces of a pair with a constrained gap between and adding vias at appropriate spacing. For the first version we aim to input the gaps/spacings by hand, later on we will probably add such the possibility of adding such constraints on the schematic, but this depends on the eeschema schedule.

3) On-line length measurement - display a fly-over window with the length/skew of the currently routed trace/diff pair.

4) Some optimizations/improvements/bugfixes
- springback on via dragging
- optimizer improvements (better acute/right angle removal, tighter routing)
- improved layer switching
- optimizations to the P&S storage model
- support for non-orthogonal pads

If there's any particular stuff you'd like to ask for or discuss, don't hesitate to tell us!

Most of these changes are internal to the P&S code only and don't affect other Kicad components.

I'd also like to add support for arcs on copper layers (for efficient representation of miters/meanders). Contrary to the current graphical arc object, I'd propose to approximate them using line segments (and store as such approximations) so that there's no need to add full arc support (for plotter/DRC/etc). What do you think?


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