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Re: cvpcb alternative


is remarkably unintuitive; making a footprint is EASY, saving it is
Where is the unintuitive part? Select library, save footprint; end of
the story. Slightly more complex if you use the master board repository
approach (see manual for that).

The "Select" button sends us to the "Library Browser" when assigning a
footprint to a schematic symbol, and that feels like I just travelled
back to the dark ages.
Can't really relate with that since 90% of the times I simply *type* the
footprint name, but maybe that's depend on how you have the library
organized. Agree that having to click thru for selecting a footprint is
not optimal but that's expected to be used for lesser modifications, as
I said before. *Could* get better, I agree on that. Would need
volontaries for that :P

A video response, as it were:

I love KiCad. I would be perfectly happy even if nothing ever changed, because I do use it. I appreciate the developers who are working hard to make it better, I wish I could help in some way.

Don't take my rant as an insult or personal or anything--because I'm frustrated, nothing more.
KiCad is one of my favorite open-source programs to use.


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