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Re: Stable Release.


Le 28/11/2015 22:23, Mark Roszko a écrit :
> KiCad is graphically really broken on high DPI screens like my Surface
> Book and Surface Pro. (I literally just got a Book a few days ago so I
> never knew)
> On the high DPI display, it gets really bad with say the pcbcalculator
> where the images are tiny and unreadable.
> But if anything should be a "blocker" we should commit the change I
> suggested here to at least enable GAL to function on high DPI:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1519590

I committed your patch using wxDLG_UNIT

> Cairo is also broken but I haven't had to the time to debug what is
> bugging it out.
> Windows is supposed to be able to scale UI (which it does, everything
> else that I have that isn't KiCad functions perfectly, QT apps, etc),
> from what I am reading wxWidgets was setting a flag that it was DPI
> aware and thus Windows doesn't scale UI. In 3.1.x they apparently
> removed it but right now on 3.0.x I am not sure what is going on.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS