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Stable release 4 is out!


I just finished rolling out KiCad 4.0.0.  Many thanks to everyone who
made this possible.  Each and every one of you deserve to sit back and
enjoy this accomplishment.  I have a few minor requests before I make a
trip to my refrigerator to grab a cold one to celebrate.

Someone please add an announcement the to blog page on the KiCad website?

The footprint, symbol and 3D model library, documentation, and
translation repos need to be tagged 4.0.0 so future package builds can
pull the proper version.  At some point in the future we may need to
create 4.0.0 branches of the library, documentation, and translation
repos but for now the tags should suffice.  Please do not make any
commits to these repos until after they are tagged.

What do we need to do as far as creating automated builds for the
correct version of the documentation?  I know packagers on some
platforms will need pre-built documentation for the 4.0 release.  This
shouldn't be a significant issue until we start documenting new features
during the next development cycle.

Please do not swamp me with patches and new feature merge requests over
the next few days.  I have some of my own coding that I need to get done
for the next development cycle so I'm not going to have a lot of time to
do code reviews and I would like to reduce the number hours a week I've
been spending working on KiCad for a few weeks.

Thanks again everyone!



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