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Re: Stable release 4 is out!


Am 29.11.2015 um 21:39 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
I just finished rolling out KiCad 4.0.0.  Many thanks to everyone who
made this possible.  Each and every one of you deserve to sit back and
enjoy this accomplishment.  I have a few minor requests before I make a
trip to my refrigerator to grab a cold one to celebrate.
Congratulations on the finished release!

I just checked the website and for Windows there is still the RC2 for download presented.

Only for Ubuntu and openSUSE the 4.0 stable release is offered.

Any plans when the rest of the platform pages will be updated?
For windows the 4.0 release is available through the "recent builds" link, but I'm not sure who will travel there when he does not know about the stable release…
OSX seems not to be built yet. Did not check the other Linux flavors.

Best Regards,

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