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3D plugin for STEP/IGES via OCE


Hi folks,

 I have a 3D plugin built to support STEP and IGES visualization via OCE
and have linked 3 screenshots below.


 The HackRF STEP model was created by Maurice via his KiCad StepUP
tools for FreeCAD.

 If people would like this plugin to be pushed into 3d_initial_merge then
let me know; I would need to add a CMake option to build it since it
depends on OCE and should not be built by default. Just remember that
these models will not be visible in 3DViewer until the current 3DViewer
has been replaced by one which uses the scenegraph objects from
3d_initial_merge.  Mario is making a lot of progress with his 3DViewer
branch, so hopefully it won't be too long before we have all the latest
3D visualization codes. :)

 One note: although the new 3D viewer will be able to directly use the
STEP/IGES models (no need to convert to VRML), actual MCAD
exports is still a long way away since it depends on the implementation
of a plugin system for reading and manipulating the PCB data itself.

 Thanks to Tom Wlostowski for the initial OCE investigations and his
sample c++ code for converting STEP to VRML.

- Cirilo

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