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Re: [PATCH] Refactor LAYER_ID to be the one and only layer definition


On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 07:09:30PM -0400, Jon Evans wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> Please keep in mind that anywhere there is currently int casting and bounds
> checking that deals with colors, will be replaced with type-safe methods in
> an upcoming patch from me.  For those places not dealing with colors, I
> will see if it can be improved in a future patch.

Thank you thank you thank you

I always had... troubles with the color codes, this would be a great

Also, it is possible to 'prime' the color chooser palette with the old
colors or is it an OS/platform dependant feature? I'm used to switch
quickly layer color (to see better things and such) and the RGB chooser
while more versatile is a little inconvenient. How I am doing it now:
keep in a corner a bitmap with the old colors and use the dialog color
picker :D

Lorenzo Marcantonio

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