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Re: Through hole pad colors have changed


Le 17/04/2017 à 14:28, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
> On 4/17/2017 4:44 AM, jp charras wrote:
>> Le 17/04/2017 à 09:55, Nick Østergaard a écrit :
>>> Hello Jean-Pierrie et. al.
>>> I noticed that the colors for plated through holes have changed
>>> recently and I found it seems to happen in:
>>> bf21640ae567b9d4f69171e283b61a234997c9ab
>>> I wonder why this "default" color change has happened without being
>>> mentioned on the dev list, or if it is an unintentional change.
>>> Actually it also happens for NPTH pads, so I guess it is only
>>> dependent on the copper layers.
>>> I attached a screenshot for visualization.
>>> Regards
>>> Nick
>> bf21640ae567b9d4f69171e283b61a234997c9ab fix a color issue.
>> The report is:
>> "Fix a few issues when changing a color in render, in GAL mode.
>> Now colors of ratsnest, vias, not plated holes and anchors can be set.
>> However not plated holes still have a color issue"
>> I tried to fix the color issue for holes.
>> However hole color (plated and not plated holes) was sometimes lost ( for instance after switching
>> from hight contrast mode to normal mode, only in OpenGL), and I did not really solved this issue.
>> A temporary fix was to always use the background color for plated hole, and accept the color issue
>> for not plated holes.
>> The full fix is to be done later (with perhaps a user selectable color for plated holes),
>> with other fixes in color choice and visibility,
>> the current choice is no longer suitable for a few items in GAL mode (for instance the through hole
>> pads) and even in legacy mode (many items in Render panel) due to changes in Pcbnew over the years.
> Does this have anything to do with Jon's layer ID refactor or is it
> related to something else?

No, I don't think.
This is something else.

Before bf21640ae commit, some colors were just set to a fixed value, instead of the values coming
from the Render settings.
(This is also the case in stable versions).
In GAL mode, PTH and NPHT were using the same color but legacy mode uses the background color for
PTH and a specific color for NPTH.
It makes sense to use 2 colors, because this is the only one easy way to see the difference between

For the minor hole color issue in Opengl mode only, I did not work on it since bf21640ae commit, so
I do not really know what happens.

About color choice and visibility of items in the Render tab, I am thinking some changes should be
made to reflect the changes in Pcbnew since this Render tab was designed, but this is an other topic.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS