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Re: how about writing a autoupdate program forkicad nightly version


On 21.06.2017 11:35, liyoubdu wrote:

> no one say someting?

No, you are the first to request this.

Keep in mind that if you are a user, you should stick to the stable
release, because that is the only thing we promise to support. If a new
feature changes the file format, and the format is revised before the
release, there is a good chance that files will become unreadable.

That is generally okay, because the only people using the feature should
be the ones developing it, and they should know how to manually fix
their files.

So unless you are developing something new or using a new feature and
are in contact with the feature authors, please don't use a nightly build.

(I guess we should add this warning to the download pages as well)


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