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Re: ATTN: Package Maintainers - RFC: Library Reorganization



On 14.07.2017 03:18, Oliver Walters wrote:

> The major change is our plan to reorganize the symbol libraries to bring
> some consistency - currently they are scattered and there is no real
> rhyme or reason to library convention.

Would it make sense to extend the format with extra data fields, so this
can be tracked per-symbol?

The extra fields I'd add would be

 - "library-convention"

Would be "KiCad" for "official" KiCad libraries, or users who have their
own standard could just use their own name.

 - "library-convention-version"

Defined by whoever is in the "library-convention" field, and should be
sortable somehow, possibly by a version sort (split string into
characters and numbers, compare elementwise).

We have something similar in Debian, where each package has a
"Standards-Version" field, so we can do simple database queries for
packages that haven't been looked at in a while.

KiCad would not set these fields by default, so if someone publishes
some symbols somewhere, they would not be marked as having been checked.


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