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Re: application for svg to png


Le 30/08/2017 à 20:54, Simon Wells a écrit :
> my goal is more to move to using the wxBITMAP_PNG macro which would
> use real files on osx and some weird resource hybrid on windows and
> xpms on the other platforms that don't have a decent option. hence i
> need to convert all the files into png

Perhaps you should explain *exactly* what you want to do.

Before using svg files as sources, icons were stored in .xpm files, often created from a .png icon.
Only ascii files can be included in .cpp or .h sources.

This was really a pain to maintain icons, and I do do want back to .png files as sources.
(note of course this is the .png files converted to an equivalent binary tab coded in .cpp file that
are included in kicad sources, so Kicad uses currently .png icons internally, so I do not really
understand the meaning of "using the wxBITMAP_PNG macro")

Moreover I am not convinced using real files to store .png icons is a good idea.
(what happens if these files are for some reason not found?
We have already issues with .so or .dll or script files not found on all platforms)

So my requirements are:

- source icons must be .svg files.
- avoid exotic tools to convert .svg files to ascii files. It must be easily available (and run
without crash) on 3 platforms.
- png files can be only intermediate files created by the build process (like any object file)
- ideally, the same .svg file should give the same ascii file on all platforms.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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