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GAL grid style setting inconsistency


Hi all,

I was looking into why my Gerbview GAL branch was defaulting to line grid
when I thought it should be dots grid, and I found an inconsistency in the
GAL display options code.

In gal_display_options.cpp, the grid options map (gridStyleConfigValues) go
in this order: DOTS, LINES, SMALL_CROSS.  So dots == 0 and lines == 1.

In gal_display_options.h, enum GRID_STYLE has the order LINES, DOTS,
SMALL_CROSS. So dots == 1 and lines == 0.

I think this should be fixed, maybe setting dots to be zero in the
GRID_STYLE since that should be the default, but I don't feel too strongly
about where to make the change.  The one issue is that this would
potentially cause a settings change for people who already run the nightly
builds, since the meaning of the setting could change.


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