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Re: New feature: support for Gerber job file.


Le 01/09/2017 à 09:42, Simon Küppers a écrit :
> Nice. However the file format allows for only one substrate material being specified. In RF
> application it is often the case that two a RF ceramic substrate for example is bonded with fr4
> prepregs and cores. Seems unnecessary limiting
The job file format is currently a preliminary.
It can be modified (I already asked for modifications and clarification).

Could you give a link to a manufactured that explains applications (and show a few boards) where
different substrates are used.

Karel Tavernier (Ucamco) and me know some constrains about RF, but we are not RF specialists.


> Am 1. September 2017 08:48:30 MESZ schrieb jp charras <jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>     Le 31/08/2017 à 21:26, Diego Herranz a écrit :
>         Hi JP,
>         Is this something new in GerberX2? I had never seen Gerber jobfiles before...
>         I've given it a try (export and then load on GerbView) and seems to work OK, it loads every
>         layer by
>         just loading the jobfile.
>         Any other gerber viewer which supports it to give it a try? gerbv
>         <https://sourceforge.net/projects/gerbv> doesn't seem to support it.
>         Thanks,
>         Diego
>     This is a new file, and its format is not fully fixed yet.
>     see:
>     https://www.ucamco.com/files/downloads/file/209/gerber_job_file_201708.pdf?7e2667f419c7b270f4a55b4761413a6e
>     and is a very recent file format.
>     So it is unlikely it is supported now by other Gerber viewers.
>     Kicad supports this file because I was contacted by Ucamco to see if a job file could be supported
>     by Kicad.
>     So because Gerbview does not have a project config file, and the support of a gerber job file is a
>     similar feature, I added this support.
>     Note this file will be really useful when Pcbnew has a decent layer stack manager giving dielectric
>     info, copper thickness of each layer (and a few other parameters).
>     (Note also Ucamco gives me a very good technical support by testing files created by Kicad during
>     development of new Gerber attributes, since the beginning of X2 features)
>     However, this file format does not change the plot file format.
>     The job file gives extra infos that cannot be inserted in plot files.
>     Gerbv does not support a job file (it unfortunately does not support yet the X2 format), but like a
>     few other viewers, has a project config file (that contains the list of Gerber files to load).
>     Gerbview/Pcbnew has good support of X2 features, and in Gerbview you can highlight a net or a
>     footprint or items which have the same attribute.
>     This is very useful when checking the Gerber files of a project.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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