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Re: New feature: support for Gerber job file.


Am 01.09.2017 um 10:06 schrieb jp charras:
> Could you give a link to a manufactured that explains applications (and show a few boards) where
> different substrates are used.
From experience I can say that many (non-ceramic) RF materials are rather soft (most common a mix of PTFE and glass fiber reinforcement) and thin.

In the designs that I worked on , we therefore created 4-layer PCBs with a core consisting of more rigid material (most times FR4).

Another mix of materials might be PCBs with a solid metal backing used for cooling applications (think LED lighting, motor drivers, etc.).

And another application for mixed materials are flex-rigid PCBs.

While the different PCBs types are not explained in detail, the brochure from Optiprint has some photos of complex designs:


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