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Re: Symbol library table remapping branch.


Le 01/09/2017 à 23:09, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
> I finally found the time to finish the symbol library table remapping
> implementation and I would like some help with testing before I merge
> this into the master branch.  I would like to get as much testing as
> possible.  I remember the issues when we switched from the same library
> lookup format in Pcbnew so I would like to try to get as many of the
> issues resolved before I merge the changes into the master branch.
> Please back up your schematic files before you load them.  Otherwise you
> will have a bunch of broken symbol library links in schematic since all
> of the symbols names will now be in the new format
> (LIB_NICKNAME:SYMBOL_NAME).  Also, please don't generate any external
> files such as netlists with the remapped symbol names.  I haven't tested
> any of that yet.  I am just trying to get the remapping as accurate as
> possible.  The branch can be found in my dev repo at:

Good news, Wayne.

I tested this branch and I encountered 2 issues.

1 - The remap dialog creates a suitable project symbol library table from the current .pro file, but
the project symbol library table is not loaded by eeschema (the symbol library table config dialog
always shows an empty project symbol library table, regardless the content of this table).
As a consequence, symbols in a project library are not remapped (this is the more annoying issue).

2 - if (inside Eeschema) I add a symbol lib in the project symbol library table, this library is
shown in the symbol library browser (which is good), but if I try to select it, Eeschema crashed or
shows a message saying a non handled exception happened (depending on the phase of the moon).

I did not made a lot of tests, but symbols found in the libraries listed in global symbol library
table are found and correctly remapped.

Thanks for your hard work.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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