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Re: GerbView GAL


Le 10/09/2017 à 02:42, Jon Evans a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've finally had time in the last few weeks to make more progress on GerbView GAL.
> While it's not perfect, I think it is far enough along to propose merging into the main repo, so
> that more people can start testing it and hopefully we can fix any bugs and perhaps get more people
> working on the remaining features.
> There are two big missing features:
> 1) Printing (still uses the wx canvas)
> 2) Negative images
> The first one probably involves porting the print engine from wxDC to Cairo, and the second one
> probably can be implemented by doing transformations of the negative geometry into positive geometry
> for rendering (negative images are implemented using the wxDC compositing mode which GAL doesn't
> support right now).
> Other than those things, everything I have tried is working (all of the test files in the source
> tree and a number of my own boards).
> I'd like some input from the maintainers about whether or not this is in an acceptable state to
> merge into master, and if not, what changes I should make first.  If everything looks okay, I will
> format my branch into a series of patches and send to the list.
> You can view the source here:
> https://github.com/craftyjon/kicad/tree/gerbview_gal
> or clone
> git@xxxxxxxxxx:craftyjon/kicad.git
> and checkout gerbview_gal
> Best,
> Jon

Thanks Jon for all this (great) work.
I tested you branch and it is very acceptable to me.
And I know maintaining a branch during a long time when it has a lot of changes is really not easy.

I saw a few (minor) issues, but nothing blocking. They can be fixed later.

My remarks:

* "1) Printing (still uses the wx canvas)":
This is also true for Pcbnew. this is not specific to Gerbview.

* I noticed negative objects are well drawn in Opengl canvas, but not in Cairo canvas.
Just an idea: Gerbv uses Cairo canvas, so perhaps having a look at Gerbv could help.

* "2) Negative images": I cannot not help you about that:
my knowledge of Opengl or Cairo is very basic.
Perhaps CERN guys can help you.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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