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GerbView GAL


Hi all,

I've finally had time in the last few weeks to make more progress on
GerbView GAL.

While it's not perfect, I think it is far enough along to propose merging
into the main repo, so that more people can start testing it and hopefully
we can fix any bugs and perhaps get more people working on the remaining

There are two big missing features:
1) Printing (still uses the wx canvas)
2) Negative images

The first one probably involves porting the print engine from wxDC to
Cairo, and the second one probably can be implemented by doing
transformations of the negative geometry into positive geometry for
rendering (negative images are implemented using the wxDC compositing mode
which GAL doesn't support right now).

Other than those things, everything I have tried is working (all of the
test files in the source tree and a number of my own boards).

I'd like some input from the maintainers about whether or not this is in an
acceptable state to merge into master, and if not, what changes I should
make first.  If everything looks okay, I will format my branch into a
series of patches and send to the list.

You can view the source here:
or clone
and checkout gerbview_gal


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