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[BUG or FEATURE] Python action plugins updating


Recently I noticed strange behaviour of the python action plugins list in
menu. But I can't decide is it bug or a feature.

To reproduce it and to understend what I mean, do the follows:

1) create python action plugin from Pcbnew manual "Add date on PCB";
2) save it in acaptable place (for example, ~/.kicad_plugins in linux);
3) launch Pcbnew;
4) open menu Tools->External Plugins and seen "Add date on PCB" entry;
5) open plugin file in text editor and change name of plugin entry:
        self.name = "Add date on PCB"
        self.name = "Add date on PCB #2"
6) save changes;
7) in Pcbnew call Tools->External Plugins->Refresh Plugins;
8) open menu Tools->External Plugins and seen two entries:
"Add date on PCB"
"Add date on PCB #2";

Both plugins was loaded to memory and works fine. But "real" plugin is only
second, if you close Pcbnew and launch it againe, in External Plugins menu
will remains only "Add date on PCB #2" (that contains in file).

What do you think about it? Can we leave it as is or it needs be fixed?

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