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Re: Need testers for a patch to merge hotkeys and accelerators


Le 04/10/2017 à 22:13, Dan Green a écrit :
> I’m testing the V2 patch on OS X now. I made sure the hotkeys were set back to their defaults in the preferences before testing.
> Unfortunately, pressing a hotkey just triggers the accelerator action, and not the hotkey. Same thing in eeschema as well as GAL and Legacy canvases.
> Oddly, in GAL and Legacy canvases, when the Track tool is already the current tool, pressing Ctrl+X will trigger the hotkey and a new track will begin from the mouse position. There is one difference I see between GAL and Legacy: In GAL if the Track tool is not current, Ctrl+X does *not* trigger the hotkey. But in Legacy, regardless of what tool is current, Ctrl+X calls the hotkey and starts a new track immediately.
> Eeschema’s hotkeys behave the same as pcbnew Legacy: for example W will always call the accelerator. Like pcbnew legacy canvas, Ctrl+W will call the hotkey.
> By ‘Ctrl’ I mean the OS X Control key, i.e. WXK_RAW_CONTROL

Thanks for your help.

The OSX behavior looks like it is very different from Windows and Linux.

Ctrl+<hotkey> has no action (this is not an accelerator) on Windows and Linux.

For instance for Eeschema:
Ctrl+W does nothing (as expected) and 'W' is the hotkey and starts a wire (if the wire tool is not
active it is activated)

How the accelerator keys are displayed in menus?
With the patch and for this example the menu should be:
Wire    W

> As far as the python scripting console, I’m not sure what to be testing here. All keys, including ‘O’ and ‘X’, show up in the console window when I type.

Yes 'O' and Shift+'X' have issues AFAIK on OSX with the current version (not printed in the console,
i.e. not captured perhaps because they are accelerator keys in menus)

> Hope that helps. Thanks,
> Dan

It helps!

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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