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Re: Need testers for a patch to merge hotkeys and accelerators


On Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 08:07:58PM +0200, jp charras wrote:
> For instance for Eeschema:
> Ctrl+W does nothing (as expected) and 'W' is the hotkey and starts a wire (if the wire tool is not
> active it is activated)
> How the accelerator keys are displayed in menus?
> With the patch and for this example the menu should be:
> Wire    W

I really LOVE this... 

the thing is that is not always possible to keep the same accelerator key
used in english in some other language because the translated string not
always contains the char used for the acc key. Some non ascii languages,
Japanese for example, not having _any_ correspondence with english have
to keep the acc keys in ellipses - horrible but the only sensible choice.
Aaaand all this also means that:

1) if the acceleration key is changed in the nationalized version and it
is mentioned in the docs, translators have to check for possible changes
in the nationalized version

2) program translators have to check for possible accelerator keys conflicts

IMHO: I would keep only the hot keys and throw away all the accelerator
keys at once... accelerator keys are a pain in the neck and work
effectively (= are truly useful) only in the english version...


Marco Ciampa

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