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Re: Questions about translation files



thanks for the information. I will take notes but hold off my efforts until your changes are commited. A few moments ago Wayne approved my membership for the kicad-doc-devs mailing list. See you there ;-)



Am 10.10.2017 um 18:09 schrieb Carsten Schoenert:
Hello Ingo,

I'm the person which has done mostly all of the German translations in
the various places of KiCad in the past year.

Am 10.10.2017 um 17:49 schrieb Ingo Kletti:
I'm trying to contribute to the translation of KiCad for the first time
but have not (yet) understood how all the pieces come together in the
build process, so please forgive the lengthy post.

any help is appreciated. And you need always to start somewhere.

Comparing the result to the existing 'kicad-i18n/de/kicad.po' file shows
that some of the English strings have changed, which (at least for me)
explains why the translation is missing.

One example is at line 5016 ff. in the 'kicad-i18n/de/kicad.po' file:


That paragraph reads

  >  #: eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_component_in_schematic_fbp.cpp:107
  >  #: eeschema/onrightclick.cpp:381
  >  msgid "Reset to Default"
  >  msgstr "Rücksetzen auf Standardeinstellungen"

while poedit extracted the following from the kicad master branch:

  >  #: eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_component_in_schematic_fbp.cpp:107
  >  msgid "Reset Field Properties"
  >  msgstr ""

Long story short:
Would it be OK to just replace the 'old' msgid with the new one that
poedit extracted and modify the translation accordingly?

That's the whole point of using Poedit for managing the strings for
translation. In short, yes.

The second thing that I am unsure how to handle is a translation in the
eeschema component libraries setup. The buttons to move a path up or
down in the list are labelled 'Up'/'Down'.

The translation for 'Up' is done like this:


  >  #: eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_label_base.cpp:70
  >  #: eeschema/dialogs/dialog_eeschema_config_fbp.cpp:53
  >  msgid "Up"
  >  msgstr "Oben"

but from the context a more precise translation would be 'Hoch' instead
of 'Oben'. Can I just split the translations so that this part in the
kicad.po file would read:

  >  #: eeschema/dialogs/dialog_edit_label_base.cpp:70
  >  msgid "Up"
  >  msgstr "Oben"

  >  #: eeschema/dialogs/dialog_eeschema_config_fbp.cpp:53
  >  msgid "Up"
  >  msgstr "Hoch"

If this is not the way it is done, what's the right way?

No, that's the correct way. If someone can made improvements to any
strings they should be corrected.

But some more things.
There is a extra ML for the localization workers. A better place is to
discuss your questions in detail on that extra list. I encourage you to
join the team if you want to contribute regularly.


PS: I've started to prepare a update of the German KiCad translation for
the nightly some days ago, but I've not finished my work to start a pull
request. Before doing more work I suggest you wait same few days before
doing some corrections in detail, I just need to modify a few more
strings. You can also email me directly if you like.

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