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Re: [FEATURE] Array 3D models


referring to:
"even if it is "only" for the pin headers, this is close to half of the 3d library size as of now" you probably missed the 3d library status...please have a look at recent PRs of the 3D library

There are contributors of new models that are afraid to contribute because of their model family big size (1G) ...

The 3D library is growing day by day and it will became bigger and bigger I hope... I consider this the best 3D mechanical library available ATM

This is not an issue on on-line library size IMO... this is an issue on what has to be bundled with the installer and what has to downloaded when needed... the all family of models (actual policy) or only the model that the project is going to use.

Moreover with the suggested patch, if you want to check a model dimensions in MCAD environment, you will need to create a fake board in kicad, assign a footprint, generate the step and then open it in mechanical sw to see dimensions, instead of just download it from github and check if this is fine for your design...

So my suggestion is not to create some exception case for the library, but:
1) find a way to manage what is going to be deployed to the users
2) create a script/code to download what is needed by the project itself, if missing...
3) select a 3D library base to be deployed with the main installer

The second point could done by a function to be called inside Kicad or pcbnew to create a full list of needed 3D parts for the user kicad project. Then the function could check automatically if those models are already in the users local 3D library and give an option to retrieve with a 'wget' process the missing models from kicad on-line library. Finally the downloaded missing models would be placed automatically in the right local folder by the function itself.
For example if you need:
your wget could point to:
and download it directly, placing it to local configured
This could be even done as a python Action Script for Kicad


On 11/06/2017 4:53 PM, Kristoffer Ödmark wrote:
To be fair, as it stands now, even if it is "only" for the pin headers, this is close to half of the 3d library size as of now.

The pin headers can now be of an arbitrary size as well. Someone can now create a 4x6 pin header for example, and the current footprints can be converted to this array system, thus reducing the size.

Arbitrary pin headers are a step up anyway.

This being said, I have not tested the patch yet, but even if it is "only" for pin headers, the idea is sound to me.