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Re: [PATCH] Fix for 3D model offset


Le 08/11/2017 à 11:05, Oliver Walters a écrit :
> Attached is a patch that fixes the problems I found in my 3D model array investigation. As
> discussion on that is stalled for now, this patch simply fixes the model offset issues.
> 1. Display offset units in 3D preview window
> - Offset units are displayed (either inches or mm)
> 2. Fix offset in 3D rendering
> - It appears that the internal units for 3D model offset (mm) were being multiplied by 25.4 incorrectly
> - Fixed rendering in OGL and Raytracing
> 3. Fix offset in 3D export
> - VRML export
> - STEP export
> Oliver

Hi Oliver,

Looks like currently, Pcbnew stores 3D offset in inches, unlike any other value.
This is very annoying, but we have to leave with that.

Therefore the patch breaks compatibility with any other Pcbnew version, if 3D offset is not 0.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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