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Re: [PATCH] Fix for 3D model offset


Unless a user used custom models or some of the older library models,
the offset will be 0,0,0 so I suspect the issues will be minimal and
will quickly diminish over time.
the issue will be on users that are using manufacturer's models for 3D step connectors and having assembly of boards (i.e. mezzanine) So probably only users which are using intensively kicad for mechanical collaboration...

But this could be mitigated if the saving from an old release would convert the offset to new units ... Then also in the new format the offset would be preserved by the conversion.

The ironic thing is that the bump in the file format would be created
for a problem that started from a wrong assumption: that the 3D viewer
and the exporters would make wrong internal calculation, without just
testing it.

I'll take this one squarely on chin.
Ah Ah sorry that was not intended :)
I was just saying that the initial patch was proposed with the assumption of wrong calculation of 3D offset in 3D viewer and exporters...