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Developer note: GTK+ file dialog wildcards.


In the process of fixing the case sensitive file extension bug
https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1720542, I learned way more about
the GTK+ file dialog than I really wanted to.  There is now code in
common/wildcards_and_files_ext.cpp to provide proper platform (at least
GTK+ or windows, osx is an unknown) wildcards.  If you need to add a new
file dialog wildcard, please add it here.  I also discovered that if you
do not set the file extension to the default file when calling
wxFileDialog, the regular expression wildcard extension (i.e.
.[sS][cC][hH]) will automatically be added by either wxFileDialog or the
GTK+ file dialog so please be careful using wxFileDialog in the future.