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Re: [RFC] redesign of Library Table dialog


On 11/11/2017 07:50 PM, Oliver Walters wrote:
> Tom,
> Another thought I have had which would address some ongoing discussion
> regarding default library paths.
> I think that the table(s) should show which libraries are located in
> 'read-only' locations. I am not sure how to determine this in an OS
> independent manner, but I think that it would be a really good feature -
> currently users get very confused regarding library paths.

Currently there is SYMBOL_LIB_TABLE::IsSymbolLibWritable and
FP_LIB_TABLE::IsFootprintLibWritable.  This could be refactored into an
optional virtual function LIB_TABLE_BASE::IsLibWretable() so that it
would have a table independent interface if that is even necessary.  It
should not be pure virtual because not all plugins implement library
handling.  I must have missed this in my refactoring frenzy.

> Perhaps greyed out text, with a hover tool tip?
> Oliver
> On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 11:01 AM, Tomasz Wlostowski
> <tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx <mailto:tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Dear colleagues,
>     Now that we have the new library table system in the schematic editor
>     (may thanks Wayne!), we also have the library table dialog to configure
>     the tables.
>     For many users - including myself - these dialogs are a bit too complex.
>      A few days ago I asked the Polish Kicad community of what users find
>     annoying and the complexity of the library manager window was heavily
>     criticized. The main points were exposing too many advanced functions
>     straight away (such as special configuration options for each plugin)
>     and requiring the user to type in the library paths by hand or paste
>     them instead of selecting the files with a browser. Currently I prefer
>     editing the lib-table files by hand instead of using the GUI.
>     I believe that the introduction of the new library system into eeschema
>     is a good chance to consolidate the library management UI and improve
>     Kicad's User Experience. In the attachment, you'll find the example
>     design of simplified library setup dialog, with some remarks and
>     comments. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!
>     Tom
>     PS1. I haven't started coding yet - this is just a mockup.
>     PS2. The current library table dialog will remain accessible if the user
>     selects the 'show advanced options' checkbox - so if some of you prefer
>     the current UI, it's not going to disappear :)
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