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Library Editor refactor


The long awaited refactor of the Symbol Library Editor is ready for testing!

Changes (yes, it will be included in the commit message):
- Component Tree widget as a user-friendly part selector
- Multiple editor contexts, allowing the user to easily switch between
modified parts
- Cut/Copy/Paste/Duplicate for whole components (also between libraries)
- Reverting unsaved modifications per part or library
- 'Browse' button for Symbol Library Table dialog to add files
- Redone menu and toolbar
- Improved icons to make the user interface more consistent

I look forward to your feedback. I would like to merge the branch this
week, which would most likely indicate the v5 feature freeze start (yay!).

I have also started to work on copy/paste for individual part items, but
I cannot fully wrap my head around eeschema code. If such feature is
desired and you are willing to help, I can share my desperate trial
patch. I will try to implement it before the branch is merged, otherwise
copy/paste will be postponed to v6.


1. https://code.launchpad.net/~orsonmmz/kicad/+git/kicad/+ref/libedit

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