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Libedit and Modedit Icons


I think there is a need to tweak the libedit and modedit icons, as
identified below:

[image: Inline image 1]

[image: Inline image 2]

1. The blue 'textured' background is out of place with the other icons
2. They are very cluttered and hard to read
3. Weirdly specific callout of dimensions and part names (out of character
with other icons)

Further, I think that the pcbnew icon could be adjusted slightly to make it
look a bit more like a PCB

Even as someone who uses KiCad on a regular basis I find myself double
checking which icon I am about to click on (and still getting it wrong half
of the time).

Below is a **suggestion** of some improvements. I am not trying to back my
own horse here, I'd be happy for anyone else to suggest a better design for
any of these. But I feel that changing these icons would be a good
improvement to make before the v5 release. There have been many people
complaining about these icons in particular, both here and on the user

[image: Inline image 3]

Is this a worthwhile endeavor, or are people attached to the weird blue

PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

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