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Re: Hotkeys Editor


On Thu, January 11, 2018 02:07, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> I feel that there is a usability issue with the current hotkeys editor
> that is a regression from the 4.0.7 hotkeys editor.
> I've attached images for both to this message.  The current editor opens
> with a tree view that hides the hotkeys below "Common".  Users would be
> forgiven for not realizing that there were additional hotkeys specific to
>  each application -- see current_hotkeys.png
> Previously, the hotkeys were displayed in tabs that were, I think, more
> clear -- see prev_hotkeys.png.
> I don't recall when this change happened but I'd like any feedback on
> whether folks are adverse to reverting to the 4.0.7 tabbed layout while
> keeping the "Reset" and "Defaults" buttons, that I think are really good
> additions.

What's the difference between "Reset" and "Defaults"?

I think "Undo" and "Defaults" would be much better.

Thomas Kindler <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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