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Re: Schematic symbol chooser clarification


Yeah, that to adds to the confusion. I think maybe coherency should be one of the main goal for v6.

On 2018-02-05 13:25, Marco Ciampa wrote:
On Mon, Feb 05, 2018 at 01:10:08PM +0100, kristoffer Ödmark wrote:

I just spent some time trying to "debug" a library non-issue with a EE
switching from Altium for a test. He had added the libraries correctly, and
they showed up. But everytime he tried adding a symbol to the schematic, no
symbols was there. We sent pictures back and forth, and indeed the libraries
added, but did not show up.

To make a long hassle short, turns out the shortcut "P" is used to place
symbols in Altium, but to place Power symbols in kicad.
This is not an issue, however, there is no indication at all that the symbol
chooser is actually filtered or limited when using the shortcut key.

I think there could be benefits of adding some kind of visualization to the
symbol chooser that the list is limited to only power symbols, maybe just
changing the window title to something like "Choose Power Symbol" or the
more general term of adding the filter to the window name. Let me know what
you think
Also when you place a power symbol, the dialog shows normal symbols in
the history list, and it also permits to insert these symbols even if
they are not power symbols... that to me seems incoherent...

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