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Re: wxGTK3 patches


… USE_WX_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT is on per default on macOS.

I will check tonight, but I guess/fear that the part
+    // Screen has to be updated on every operation, otherwise the cursor leaves a trail (when xor
+    // operation is changed to copy) or is not updated at all.
+    Refresh();
will make it slow (might cause double painting every time because of how it is already handled right now without the extra refresh).

I’ll report (if no other macOS guy is faster than me… :) )


> On 7. Feb 2018, at 15:38, Maciej Sumiński <maciej.suminski@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Two patches to fix some troubles occurring on wxGTK3. The first one
> displays a warning when it detects that KiCad is being built against
> wxGTK3. The second one makes eeschema functional, just a bit slower when
> compared to wxGTK2. The only thing that is really broken is pcbnew
> printing, but there are also some other glitches (e.g. black background
> in eeschema printing preview, though the actual printouts are ok).
> I have tested the patch under Linux and Windows and noticed no influence
> on wxMSW/wxGTK2, as expected. I would love to hear from OSX users that
> there are no new issues introduced in the patch.
> Unfortunately, it does not resolve the recent wxpython-gtk3 issue on
> Arch Linux. The problem occurs when KiCad is linked against wxGTK2, but
> wxPython uses wxGTK3. In such case KiCad loads wxGTK2 libraries on start
> and when wxPython is initialized - it tries to load wxGTK3 causing
> symbol conflicts. I guess there is not much we can do about it, apart
> from detecting such situation and informing the user about the problem
> cause. Any other ideas?
> Cheers,
> Orson
> <0001-GTK3-Display-a-warning-and-enable-wxGraphicsContext.patch><0002-wxWidgets-GTK3-compatibility-fixes-for-eeschema.patch>_______________________________________________
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