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Re: [RFC] Able to install KiCad stable and "daily build" in same computer


Hi Wayne,

I agree with you about scope creep, however I do see issues for users.

From an end user perspective V5 is a big change. I noticed big changes just from missing nightly updates for 2 months.  There may be an extended period of time when a user will want to run both versions, for many reasons.

On 06/04/18 01:54, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
We should defer this to v6 unless the fix is simple with little or no
risk of introducing new bugs.  I know it would be nice to have but I
could say that about a lot of things.  Scope creep will prevent us from
ever delivering v5.



On 4/5/2018 12:25 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
If we are going to support multiple versions, on the developer side, we
should add a preference versioning to the user configuration directory.
Otherwise, fp-lib-table will being either pointing to v4 or v5
footprints.  Likewise, there are a few preferences that only exist in v5
and will be lost when v4 saves the preference file.

To avoid cluttering the config directory, we could place the v5
configurations in a v5 sub directory.  Configurations would be
preferentially loaded from the v5 directory with a fall-back to the v4
items if v5 items were not found.  Configurations would only be saved to
the v5 subdir.
I agree with this, except I think we should ONLY read the V4 config once, when the program detects there is no V5 config sub directory at all.  After the V5 config is made and saved, the V4 config should be ignored, and they should diverge from that point.

I don't know this code at all, but If no one else is doing it, I can try and look at it over the weekend.  But I wont waste time if the decision is already final.

If we don't do this can I propose that the V5 packaging make a backup of the V4 config so that end users at least have the option of reverting without their config being lost.


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