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Re: GAL canvas strategy - testers needed!


I pushed a bunch of CLangTidy fixes and a fix for the grid colour.


> On 16 Sep 2018, at 08:40, mdoesbur@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've given the GAL version a test-drive. Here are some issues I noted.
> I guess most of it is because the black background was not tested before.
> 1. Grid color always black. (Not visible on black background) 
> 2. Hierarchical sheet color always white.
> 3. When using another background color (for example 1,1,1) the sheet
>   color is correct after zooming.  When moving the mouse the sheet color
>   gradually changes to white. Sometimes a double picture is shown, see
>   attachment. The background color was 1,1,1 for this schematic.
> <kicad_gal.png>

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