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Re: Cairo printing


Le 08/10/2018 à 15:56, Maciej Sumiński a écrit :
> Hi Jean-Pierre,
> On 10/8/18 3:08 PM, jp charras wrote:
> [snip]
>> Hi Orson,
>> Very good job.
>> I tested the Cairo printing both on Windows and Linux.
>> No problem on Linux.
>> On Windows, I have strange artifacts (see attached picture) in print
>> preview.
>> (more strange, if a zone outline includes the full board items, there
>> are no, or very few, artifacts)
> I will check it, but I am afraid it might be beyond my control. Do you
> see it in actual printouts/PDFs as well?

No. These artifacts are only in print preview, and only when some item
uses a opacity < 1.0

>> It happens only when the opacity of any printed item is not set to 1.0
>> Moreover, when the opacity of any printed item is not set to 1.0, the
>> resulting printed picture is a bitmap (tested both using Cutepdf and a
>> printer using a postscript driver), not really usable.
>> (When all objects use a 1.0 opacity, the drawings are vectored, as expected)
>> Due to the fact transparency is not working very well on Cairo, and
>> useless when printing a board with one sheet by layer, I suggest to
>> force the opacity to 1.0 in any case.
> That is surprising, I will need a closer look then. I would like to
> preserve transparency, but I agree that getting bitmaps instead of
> vector graphics is not acceptable.

Transparency is useful only when printing many layers on the same sheet.
It is not very good when printing one layer by sheet.

> Regards,
> Orson

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS