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Re: Cairo printing


Hi Jean-Pierre,

On 10/9/18 12:04 PM, jp charras wrote:
> Hi Orson,
> The transparency issue (specific to Cairo render) is a minor issue (see
> attached picture, especially the oval pad) on screen, but could be more
> annoying on printed documents.

Agreed, colors in printouts need to be opaque. I think the problem of
different colors in overlapping areas could be solved, but Cairo
documentation [1] says translucent colors are not supported on
PostScript surfaces and will result in rasterized images. It is bizarre
that I am not seeing this problem on Linux.

I have already patched my branch to use opaque colors for printouts.

> I forgot an other issue: bitmaps (added with the page layout editor) are
> incorrectly scaled (something like 10 times smaller) in the print preview.

Thank you for the report, I will check it.


1. https://www.cairographics.org/documentation/using_the_postscript_surface/

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