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Re: Missing zone segments


ti 16. lokak. 2018 klo 12.39 Jeff Young (jeff@xxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> Note that we could also free up space by going to the new Net Selector.
> It’s filter is less powerful than the one in the Zone Settings dialog, but
> is it powerful enough?  (To be honest I’ve never used the filtering options
> in Zone Settings, while I use the Net Selector filter constantly.)

I already thought I have bullied you enough, but you brought this up
yourself :) Mildly speaking, the net filtering in the zone dialog is weird.
At first glance it's not clear at all when it filters and what even with
the new enhancements. It seems to use wildcards. How about allowing regular
expressions in a normal filtering field for power users. Normally I expect
filtering field to be above the list and it hasn't even ever come to my
mind to try to use this complex filtering UI, I rather find the net in the
list. Luckily the GND net is the first in the list (probably because "sort
by pad count" is selected?).

Just think about a first time user who sees this.
1. Hide nets... So it hides nets.
2. Show nets... So, does it show or hide?
3. Apply... Wait a second, was it applied already or not?
4. Show all... OK, does it show or not, because there already were two
filters which may have been applied or not applied?
5. Sort nets... might be useful, but why "by pad count"?

These all will be clear after some testing and thinking. But not
immediately. And even when you know it, you have 5 UI items so it needs
some learning to quickly find the option you need.

A nice power user feature could be based on the fact that I can have items
selected when I begin drawing the zone. If there's an item selected which
belongs to a net, that net would be preselected in the list.

-Eeli Kaikkonen