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Re: Eeschema GAL arc rendering


Le 21/10/2018 à 16:57, Jeff Young a écrit :
> Well, it’s time to give up on the AdvanceDepth() hacks.  We’re going to
> need real layers when we do a layers palette in 6.0 anyway, so more
> investment in the hack will just be throw-away.
> So I’ve implemented layers for EEschema.  I also removed Tom’s
> bounding-box caching as I think we now make the proper Update(GEOMETRY)
> calls (and it was a performance hog when getting the bounding boxes of
> text items).
> This fixes a bunch of things such as the dragged-objects-appear-behind
> and junctions-under-wires, but I’m sure it will also introduce some new
> instabilities that will need fixing.  So give a holler when you see
> something.
> (I’m still using old libraries, and my 4xxx symbols are unfilled.  So I
> can’t check the example Wayne gave below.)
> Cheers,
> Jeff.

I just committed a small fix for a draw layer depth issue in the draw
Arc function in Opengl canvas.

On Windows, your fixes work fine.

Thanks for your hard work.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS