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Re: Net ties and copper DRC


Am 2018-10-23 08:10, schrieb Jeff Young:
So I broke our net-ties work-around when I added DRC for copper graphic items.

I plan to add a IS_NET_TIE flag to graphic items to fix it.  (This
appears compatible with the net tie discussions of yore on the email
list.)  There will be a checkbox in Graphic Item Properties to set it.

Question: add checkbox only to graphic items in a footprint, or to all?

Any other issues you see?


Note: we save the STATUS_FLAGS as an integer in the file, so while
this constitutes a file-format change of sorts (an additional bit
might be set), it’s fully backwards-compatible.

Hi Jeff-

What about just avoiding DRC between footprint graphic items and the other items in the same footprint? That would avoid the file format change while keeping the purpose of the DRC (mostly).


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