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Re: 5.1


Am 2018-10-23 03:08, schrieb Maciej Sumiński:
Hi Seth,

On 10/22/18 11:50 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
Hi Orson-

This looks very nice.  It works well for me with scripting off on Debian Stretch.  I had some issues with scripting on that I haven't encountered with the master branch but I suspect that this is a gtk2/3 issue because
I can't see any scripting-related changes in the branch.

What are the issues? I agree that most likely culprit is gtk2/3 mix, but
I would rather be sure that I have not broken anything else. Since now
we are not bound to gtk2 anymore, I will add a patch to link KiCad
against wxWidgets version delivered with wxPython.

The issues were asserts, missing icons and a crash on exit. I tracked it down to a wx module that was loaded by pip in my user cache from when I was testing gtk3 builds. Yay, python. Removing it cleared all issues.

We can currently choose the wx version we link against using -DwxWidgets_CONFIG_OPTIONS="--toolkit=gtk2". I'd prefer to retain that ability rather than having Cmake try to figure it out. Maybe we make that option more user-friendly?


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