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Re: [PATCH] Fuzzable PCB parsing test harness



On 24.10.2018 13:48, John Beard wrote:

> In which case does flipping the CMake add_subdirectory order work
> (attached patch).

It may appear to work.

> If this *does* work, any clues as to why only MSVC cares?

The MSVC build had the qa subdirectory removed completely, because the
mock objects cause duplicate symbols — MSVC uses different name mangling
and RTTI implementation, so mocks.o doesn't cover all required symbols,
and the original implementation still gets pulled in.

Exchanging the directories in the toplevel brings the directory back
into the build, as the removal patch gets merged with the removed line
from switching places. I've removed the commit removing the qa subdir
from the msvc branch, and it appears to build fine without it, so
whatever was causing the duplicate definitions seems to be gone or
commented out.


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