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Re: Has the handling of the datasheet field changed again?


On 21/11/2018 17:41, Jeff Young wrote:

This is a limitation of the current symbol file format but the root datasheet field
should be empty and the datasheet url should be stored in the document file
along with the description and keywords.  This way it's consistent with all of the
alias information and doesn't violate the KLC.
Are you sure that’s not backwards?  That’s the way I changed the internals to work.  (Perhaps we still have code to map it to the other way on output, but then that wouldn’t have changed.)

Version 5.0.x (and version 4.0.x) gave us the option to store the datasheets for both aliases and main symbols in the  dcm file. This means it is consistent no matter what type a symbol is. This makes our testscripts easy as we only need to check the dcm file for documentation information. For this reason we do not allow any symbol to have the datasheet field of the lib file filled in the official lib. (this is also where the noise would come from. With the current way of the implementation the datasheet field of symbols would move from one file to the other.)

The way it was in v5.0.1 is as follows: If the datasheet field of the lib file is empty it gets overwritten with the one from the dcm file when placing a symbol into the schematic.

For you this means that even if the documentation fields stay in the general tab they should still all be saved in the dcm file.

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