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Re: Has the handling of the datasheet field changed again?


On 11/21/18 11:41 AM, Jeff Young wrote:

This is a limitation of the current symbol file format but the root datasheet field
should be empty and the datasheet url should be stored in the document file
along with the description and keywords.  This way it's consistent with all of the
alias information and doesn't violate the KLC.

Are you sure that’s not backwards?  That’s the way I changed the internals to work.  (Perhaps we still have code to map it to the other way on output, but then that wouldn’t have changed.)

I just checked it an my original assessment is correct. I created a new library with a single symbol and added text in the datasheet, description, and key word edit controls. The datasheet field in the library file contained the text from the datasheet control and there was no 'D' line in the dcm file.